Rana & Nikta, the principal designers of 6ixDeco Design & Staging Studio.

We created this firm in 2016 with the sole focus to “ Stage & Interior Design for the client’s best interest “. We want your space to reflect you in every way.

It is our commitment to guide and help you make better decisions or sell faster so that you will feel confident and thrilled in the complete project.


Nikta Shirazi

As a Principal Designer at 6ixDeco Inc, Nikta brings creativity and passion for home staging and interior design, offering a wealth of enthusiasm, talent, and professionalism to every project.

With a love for architecture and home decoration, Nikta can look at a space from all angles, dismantle it, and reassemble it in a whole new way.

Nikta’s years of experience have given her a keen understanding of the challenges of preparing a home for sale. She is skilled at viewing your property through the eyes and mindset of potential buyers. Let her passion for creating stunning homes help you attract more buyers and increase the value of your home.


Rana Morshedian

As a Principal Designer at 6ixDeco Inc, Rana’s passion for interior design and commitment to exceptional customer service make her the ideal choice for redecorating your home or staging it for sale. Rana’s exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail were developed during her time as a Business Analyst & Project Manager at a major financial institution. These qualities make her the perfect choice for ensuring your redesign goals or staging projects are a true success. With a Master’s Certification in Project Management and an Interior Decorating certificate, she has the skills to professionally manage projects.


As a Certified Canadian Staging Professional (CCSP) Home Stager, we understand the difference between decorating a home and staging a home to sell. Home staging is not decorating, so we approach it with a different mindset. Home staging is about merchandising and marketing your home to sell quickly and for top dollar. At 6ixDeco, we create uniquely staged homes at a reasonable price, with the highest level of customer service.



We bring continuity to your home, both visually and spatially. This way, a potential buyer can truly see the home as a cohesive whole, rather than just rooms stuck next to each other.